How to get 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube in 1 Year?

Get 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Get 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube | You must first consistently grow your YouTube channel’s audience, perhaps by adding subscribers.

James Jani – Dark Documentary YouTube Content Creator (Real-Life Example)

James launched his YouTube channel in 2019, intending to amass 1000 subscribers in a year. He first made $30,000 a month from YouTube Ads alone, reaching approximately 500K followers with just 10 videos uploaded. This is odd.

James Jani YouTube

What surprised me the most was how creators nowadays insist on maintaining continuity. Consistency is undoubtedly the key to success. However, it is hardly the surest route to success. James focused on the content’s high quality as the most critical factor. Fun and knowledge were combined to achieve this.

His ability to produce documentary-like footage astounded the audience, but it wasn’t only that; his technique of narrating the grim tales also contributed to the success of his videos.

There are many videos on subjects like Bitcoin, Stock, Money, Recession, and related issues on the internet. But the way James used animations and special effects to carry out the storyline is incredible.

It is understandable why he spends more than 150 hours on a single film because each one has the following:

  1. In-depth-research
  2. making a script
  3. collection of photographs and video clips as proof
  4. activities requiring extensive editing, animation, and after effects
  5. Facetime and voiceover recording
  6. editing to make sense and tying the story to the evidence
  7. Additionally, he reveals a lot more in his behind-the-scenes videos on Patreon.

With just 18 videos, he amassed over 1 million subscribers in the first 15 months after starting his channel.

Choose 1 Of 2 Ways – Extreme Quality or Semi-Quality With Consistency

James Jani selected incredibly high-quality content in the situation above. He was able to upload just one video in months because of this.

Because they are afraid of missing the chance to earn subscribers and putting a large gap between each post, the majority of YouTube creators don’t risk waiting so long to create material.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

  • Viewership
  • Subscribers
  • & Money

Due to this, most content producers opt to regularly provide semi-quality content rather than taking a long break and producing content of extreme quality.

The decision also depends on what type of person you are. Or what do you like the most?

Whether you’re an introvert or an intelligent person who values quality over simply turning up each day. Or a sane person who enjoys daily interactions with the camera.

Be More Clearer

Your dedicated subscribers will watch your videos, support you, and contribute to the expansion of your channel.

Once you have a large following on YouTube, it will be simpler for brands to find and work with you, which might lead to you making Money from advertising or brand deals.

So, how can you amass a million YouTube subscribers in a single year?

Let’s look at some tested techniques:

What are YouTube metrics crucial for increasing my subscriber base? Should I emphasize opinions or likes and dislikes?

The following will be covered in this article:

What kind of material should I provide to get more subscribers? How frequently ought I post videos?

How many times may someone watch a video before choosing to subscribe? What programs can I use to monitor and control my growth rate?

You must understand how to increase your YouTube channel if you want to expand your 

Write Good Content

You must produce visually appealing, thought-provoking, and enjoyable material to succeed on YouTube.

Only if your films’ subject matter or production value appeals to viewers will they watch them.

Although there are still many YouTube creators that are wealthy, not all of them are capable of producing quality videos. It takes time and works to make videos that viewers will like viewing and sharing with friends.

Focus on producing excellent content rather than obsessing over your subscription count if you want to grow your following quickly.

Use VidIQ or TubeBuddy For Keyword Analysis, Tags & Competitors

The cornerstone of your video marketing approach is using keywords in the title, tags, and competitor analysis. And using these strategies will help you quickly reach 1 million YouTube followers.

If you want more views on your videos, tags and keywords are crucial because they are the main search terms used on Google and YouTube.

Your video marketing approach will be much more successful if you use meta properly, especially for YouTube.

By incorporating keywords into each video’s title, description, and tags, you can utilize them to discover your audience and organically expand your channel (more on that later).

Optimize Video With SEO: Title And Description

The title and description of your movie need to be optimized initially.

The title should be pertinent to the video’s subject matter. Additionally, incorporate keywords into the title, description, and tags.

Use the same tags and 80% of the meta to increase the number of views on your videos.

Conversely, the YouTube algorithm will understand your material better if you employ niche-related and targeted phrases in the YouTube Studio settings. The likelihood of appearing in the search will increase with improved SEO performance.

Improve the Appearance & Presentation Of Your Channel

  1. A clear and succinct channel description is a must.
  2. Make sure the colors in your channel banner are appropriate for your target demographic and are eye-catching.
  3. Ensure your channel icon is appealing and uses the appropriate hues for your intended audience.
  4. Include links to your channel in all of the following places to make it easier for viewers to find it if they decide to watch some of your videos later:
  5. Your email signature, your website’s footer, the blog’s sidebar, etc.
  6. When you publish your videos, share them on social media (and remember to share previous stuff).

This will assist users in finding new channels, including yours, that they may enjoy.

Get Some Social Media Love

Social networking is another approach to get your videos to become viral.

You can build a YouTube channel or a Facebook page and post your videos there.

Include hashtags in the video’s description when you post it to ensure that others can find it easily when searching for those hashtags.

To get 1 million subscribers on YouTube, you can also contact influencers on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media network and encourage them to promote your video with their following.

Asking politely will result in more natural shares, which will aid in raising awareness of what you do.

If everything else fails, promote it with paid advertising by purchasing some niche Facebook or YouTube advertisements (or both).

Although this approach won’t ensure success, it should work fine to gain 1 million YouTube followers, provided you have something worthwhile to advertise.

Give Back What You Get

Giving your subscribers something in return for their subscription is the most crucial component of this strategy.

Give them something only available to subscribers, like exclusive content, a bargain, a bonus, a discount, or anything special.

Consider this: To reach 1 million subscribers for your YouTube channel, start an email marketing campaign announcing its introduction and let your subscribers subscribe before anyone else.

Asking For Subscribers Is Not a Shame

Asking for subscribers at the end of your videos will help you successfully and rapidly expand your YouTube channel to 1 million subscribers.

There are several methods for doing this:

  • In the summary of the video. Include a link that reads, “Subscribe if you enjoyed this video!” or something similar.
  • You can add your comment below in the YouTube comments section. Enter “Subscribe if you liked this video” or a similar phrase into that box, click “Submit,” and watch for others to do the same.
  • Say something like, “I just posted my latest instructional on creating your cupcakes from scratch,” with a link to your YouTube channel page (which will open in a new browser tab).

Why not provide them with a simple manner if even non-subscribers could be interested in watching it anyway—and let’s face it—they probably are?

Network With Other YouTubers

A fantastic strategy to expand your YouTube channel is networking with other YouTubers. One another’s videos can be shared to increase views and subscribers.

If I do something kind for another person, they might return the favor by doing something kind for me.

Your competitors and their followers are the two groups you should concentrate on when it comes to networking on YouTube.

You want the viewers of similar material to yours who aren’t already subscribers to your channel—those who could easily be persuaded to do so with the correct promotion (i.e., an interesting video).

Use Google tools like Keyword Planner or Trends to uncover these potential 1 million YouTube subscribers; try looking for terms associated with your creations (videos).

The number of searches performed each month can help you determine the size of the market and whether or not there is room for expansion.


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