How to finger yourself 


Finger Yourself | One of the most crucial abilities you can have is fingering yourself and getting yourself off. It improves your body awareness and shows that you are conscious of your sexual desires.

We all do it. Therefore there is no shame in acknowledging it or being able to finger oneself. However, not many of us don’t since female masturbation is such a taboo subject.

You’ll thank us for it since we’ve written the definitive guide to eliciting female orgasms through masturbation:

It would help if you were in the right headspace, so relax.

Be careful not to haste. Verify that you will have privacy and won’t be disturbed.

Watch porn to get yourself in the mood.

There’s no stigma, and no one will know apart from your search history. If boys can watch it, so can you. It’ll make you come ten times faster, so don’t watch it if you’re in for a long ride.

Use a vibrator and your fingers simultaneously for a mega orgasm.

When learning how to finger yourself, invest in a vibrator because they’re fun and feel awesome whatever they’re touching. They’re best when used alongside rubbing your clit.

If you haven’t located it yet, don’t spend your whole time trying to find your G-spot

You’ll wind up ranting away in an unpleasant situation and moving farther away from truly arriving since everyone else in the world has managed to locate it without you.

Even though recent research has shown that it exists, only about 18% of vaginal owners can locate it. In that case, try not to worry; we assure you that you are not “strange.”

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Don’t expect to come from just fingering yourself.

The clit is everything because that’s where the money is. Once you learn how to finger yourself, you’ll understand how crucial the clit is.

Try varying pressures on your clit

Tease yourself like you would like a guy, too, if he was fingering you. Switching between gentle touching and vigorous rubbing is okay, but keep changing it up.

If you can’t access porn, turn yourself on.

Sometimes looking gorgeous and declaring “I’m fit” can make you feel seductive.

Use two fingers when fingering yourself.

Three or four will make you feel like you’re in a pornographic movie, and one may feel a little like the first time a guy awkwardly fingered you (and might hurt). It would help if you fingered yourself in a “come here” motion, but I honestly have no idea what it accomplishes.

Do not panic if you do not immediately feel anything. If you aren’t instantly turned on, it is a PROCESS and takes time.

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Use lube if things are getting dry down there.

A blister there is the last thing you need (I know someone this happened to, ouchie)

Butt plugs are not as scary as they sound.

Not everyone enjoys using a sex toy indoors, but you won’t know unless you give it a shot. They are quite effective if you are into them. It’s an additional delight that doesn’t involve any work. With as little as your pinky finger, you can begin.

Keep a good rhythm on your clit; that makes it easier to come.

It will assist you in building up to a strong orgasm.

Masturbate with your partner

Fun is had. Hilarious. Your sex life is changed forever as you teach each other new things and demonstrate to them how to make you come. I dare you to give it a shot.

If someone is special in your life, pick up the phone.

To help you along, you might try using naughty language over the phone or making a few quick Snapchat videos to tease each other. They’ll go crazy over it, which will drive you crazy as well.

Have confidence in yourself

You shouldn’t feel guilty about masturbating. The best thing you could do for yourself is this. Have faith that you can accomplish this and that it is okay. You’ll have the best fun if you pay attention to your body and what you appreciate. You’ll have a life-altering experience if you follow the advice of the other girls, maintain a decent rhythm, concentrate on your clit, add some sauciness with a vibrator, and so on.

Consider this: how will anyone else understand how their body functions if you don’t? One of the fascinating locations to experiment is in the bedroom, and you are the greatest person to start with.


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