What Is the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP)?

Google and YouTube occasionally give us a small glimpse into their thoughts. This tiny ray of optimism demonstrates that if we take the proper actions, we can also succeed on the platform. One of these tiny sparks is the YouTube Measurement Program.

A complete list of all the authorized partners that YouTube suggests we utilize in combination with the video platform is available on YTMP. On the list are programs for analytics, data management, influencer marketing, security, and video insights.

We’ll discuss YTMP in this post and determine whether it merits further investigation.

What Is the YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP)? 

We spend much money as marketers on measuring tools, software, advertising, and analysis. But how can you be confident that the technologies you employ deliver the most current and correct data?

But you can’t, regrettably. When you invest time and money in developing content, purchasing ads, and posting videos to YouTube, you want to be confident that the analytics and data you receive accurately represent how well you perform.

YouTube developed the YouTube Measurement Program for this reason (YTMP). It offers independent businesses that YouTube has endorsed and is trusted with. You can now pick from a selection of YouTube-recommended businesses when selecting a new tool or piece of software.

Why Is YTMP Important? 

It’s significant since YouTube personally reviewed each business, ensuring they satisfy their customer service criteria. Additionally, it means that the data these businesses provide about your YouTube performance is the most precise and current.

Tools store, collect and evaluate data using a variety of techniques. Regarding our business, we cannot trust everyone with the information.

It would help if you had a reputable business with a successful track record to succeed on YouTube.

The YouTube Measurement Program handles this for you by screening each business personally and providing a YTMP certification. Collaborating with these businesses puts you on the path to success.

What About Other Service Providers? 

You’ll see that dozens, if not hundreds, more businesses offer equivalent services despite the list of recognized businesses being very short.

Do all of these companies provide mediocre services? And do they have inaccurate data? Do they all have a negative reputation?

As an example, consider VidIQ and TubeBuddy, two popular programs.

Read more about technologies precedes horsemanship.

Both aid in selecting keywords, tags, descriptions, and content ideas. They assist you in assessing competition and determining what is popular on YouTube.

They do not, however, participate in the YouTube Measurement Program. How come?

It doesn’t necessarily follow that these technologies are flawed or that they’ll take your information. It indicates that they could not satisfy the stringent criteria for the program. We are still determining whether they even attempted to negotiate a deal with YouTube.

Ultimately, it’s always best to follow the platform’s recommendations. Your best chance of success lies with the services that YouTube recommends you employ.

YTMP Partners 

Let’s examine a few of the partners in the YouTube Measurement Program to discover what makes them unique.

Channel Factory 

This multi-national platform for data and technology aids in optimizing video performance while raising contextual suitability and providing precisely targeted information to the appropriate audience. To ensure that you are only running your advertisements on films relevant to your objectives, their flagship solution, ViewIQ, analyses every channel.

How often have you been viewing anything on YouTube when an ad pops up that has nothing to do with what you’re watching? You have an issue if a Budweiser advertisement appears on a video for children under 12.

Brand amplification and appropriateness are Channel Factory’s areas of expertise. You can promote your business and increase ROI by ensuring your adverts only appear to the most relevant visitors.

Information what software does battlbox use for their battlbucks.

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

The industry pioneer in digital ad verification is IAS. They assist marketers and content producers in obtaining the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves against fraud.

The ultimate objective is to contribute to developing a lucrative campaign by selecting the appropriate audience, focusing on each impression, and ensuring that your advertising is seen where it should be.

This is similar to what Channel Factory does, but there is one key distinction.

The IAS emphasizes “Quality Impressions.” Even the phrase has been trademarked.

This measure establishes the true meaning of an impression. In essence, they confirm that the impressions YouTube claims you receive are eyes from individuals ready to buy anything in the appropriate setting and geographic region.

If your advertisement was shown to a different audience, it doesn’t matter that it received thousands of impressions. Integral Ad Science makes sure your brand benefits from the impressions you receive.


Finding influencers for brand partnerships and endorsements is made easier with CreatorIQ. Find the appropriate influencers with CreatorIQ’s assistance if you want to use influencer marketing.

Creator Core, Creator Connect, Creator Pay, Creator Boost, and Creator Hubs are their five main product categories. I’ll explain a few of them.

Creator Core is a fantastic database of all the most well-known YouTube influencers. Even picture recognition powered by Google AI matches you with the proper person and stops fraud.

You’ll also get reports and analytics outlining how many posts you made, impressions, engagement, and total reach whenever you establish a connection with an influencer and your material becomes widely popular.

Create a network of content producers with Creator Connect to expand your reach in a secure, encrypted setting.

You can create and receive payments in a systematized, scalable manner using Creator Pay.

An all-inclusive approach to influencer marketing is CreatorIQ. CreatorIQ sounds like an excellent option if you’re searching for a quick and safe approach to uncovering influencers without DMing hundreds of creators.

How Do You Know If a Company Is Part of the YTMP?

There are two methods to learn this. The first option is to visit the YouTube measuring program website. The companies in each market segment are listed below, with a short summary of what they do and how they differ.

By visiting their website, you may also determine whether a tool is included in the program.

The footer of ChannelFactory.com is shown in the image above. This stamp of approval will be given to every business confirmed by the YouTube Measurement Program. You can use this information to decide whether you want to work with this company.

YTMP Certifications 

There are three distinct needs, in essence. Members who want to be verified by YTMP must exhibit the following:

proof of the market’s robust demand

evidence of a solid and fruitful track record in the industry

keeping up with the guidelines set forth by Google and YouTube

The businesses you can see on YouTube all fit these criteria. Finding the ideal platform is a lot simpler as a result.

What Are the Vetting Standards for the YouTube Measurement Program? 

The three certifications that YouTube offers to its partners were highlighted, but how do they obtain them? A rigorous vetting procedure is used to exclude subpar tools. These are the requirements that all YTMP partners must adhere to. 

Strong market demand: YouTube anticipates a certain degree of industry demand for its partners. They want their target market to like and accept the businesses they suggest. This is typically a dead giveaway that they’re offering excellent service.

Successful track record: The top partners with a proven track record of achievement are what YouTube wants. Since several of the listed businesses have been around for more than ten years, there is a good likelihood that they are doing something well. 

Policy compliance: We know Google’s tough stance on its regulations, and they anticipate compliance from creators and advertising. Service providers are in the same boat. YouTube recommends only businesses with a track record of following the rules.

Accurate and up-to-date information: YTMP wants to assist in giving creators and advertisers the most precise data possible. Service providers must demonstrate that their data is consistent with YouTube to participate in the program. They deserve a gold star if they can pull that off.

Actionable and insightful metrics: YouTube wants to make sure the information these service providers provide is useful, intelligent, and can do anything.

Security and safety: Since security and safety are of utmost importance, YouTube mandates that all members abide by proper data handling, encryption, and other security measures. You can be sure that your private information is being handle responsibly if you choose a YTMP partner.

What Does the YTMP Mean for Content Creators? 

This leaves us with one final question: How may YTMP impact your company?

These platforms—YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram—are continuously looking for fresh approaches to win over advertising. How will your business benefit from this new measurement program? Here are some examples.

Ensures Data Accuracy The precision of the data is arguably the biggest benefit. Sincerely, the numerous tools we employ uniquely convey information. SEMrush and Ahrefs are likely tools you use if you work in SEO, but have you ever contrasted the two? Who can we trust when the data is different?

The YTMP wants to clearly show how your money is being used by offering the most accurate statistics possible on all fronts.

  1. Easy Competition Analysis 

YouTube lays everything out and displays each business that they have partnerships with. The ability to evaluate services without trawling the SERPs in search of solutions haphazardly makes it much simpler to choose one.

It resembles browsing the cereal section of a grocery store. When you have a choice between the top five bowls of cereal on the planet rather than 100 different varieties, your chances of enjoying your cereal are substantially higher.

  1. Match With The Right Company 

Businesses are trying to offer a more in-store experience by altering how they offer services. By choosing a partner who has been thoroughly verified, you can be sure that the business you choose will support your aims.

  1. Trust, Safety, and Security 

Security and safety are paramount, but they are by no means the least important. We have a tonne of information, and serious issues may arise if the incorrect individual gains access. The YTMP guarantees that you are only entrusting your sensitive data with businesses that understand how to handle it appropriately. Understanding how businesses handle your information is crucial.


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